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Welcome to the Road Dog Podcast: Adventure with Luis Escobar. Please feel free to adventure around and listen at will.

Feb 27, 2023

“I do support whatever we can do to make people feel welcome in the running community.”

George Rehmet is the president of the Road Runners Club of America. In this episode George chats with Luis about the RRCA’s mission, programs, running with headphones, dogs at races, focusing on DEI to bring more runners to the...

Feb 20, 2023

“Nothing tastes as good, as being fit and lean feels.”

Brian Frank is the founder and owner of Hammer Nutrition. In this episode, Brian gives nutrition advice to Ray Sanchez who happens to be a new trail runner. Brian discusses best race day strategy for food intake, dinner habits, hydration, alcohol consumption,...

Feb 13, 2023

“I discovered trail and ultra and I made a pivot without even thinking about it. I was just like, I am not going back to road ever again.”

Shannon Mick is a mental health counselor, ultra runner, and a coach. Shannon chats with guest host Natasha Swartley about taking care of yourself, her virtual Badwater run,...

Feb 6, 2023

“So among the people who have been released from the Thousand Mile Club, there’s actually a zero percent recidivism rate. The national rate is 67%.”

Christine Yoo is a director/producer. Christine discusses her independent film called 26.2 to Life that highlights the San Quentin 1000 Mile Club. She chats with Luis...