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Welcome to the Road Dog Podcast: Adventure with Luis Escobar. Please feel free to adventure around and listen at will.

Aug 23, 2021

“The journey is the destination. We need to savor everyday on the trail.”

In this special episode, Luis interviews thru-hikers on the Appalachian Trail. Learn about the AT terms and phrases like Nobo, Sobo, a zero, flip-flop, trail magic, and Gut Hook. Luis Chats with Gringo Loco, Gwight, Gramps, Johnny Boy, Perch, Off Grid, Hot Wheels, Bowie, Joel, The Late Start, Hopper, Too Late, Michigan Milly, Howdy, Pacha Plinko, Sweatsicles, Second Coming, Stealth, Mala, Basco, Layers and more.

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Original RDP Photo: Photography by Kaori Peters

Road Dog Podcast Adventure With Luis Escobar