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Nov 6, 2023

“We’ve had some guys who’ve run over 20,000 miles.”

In this RDP throwback episode, Frank Ruona has been coaching inmates to run marathons for over 15 years. Frank is a seasoned marathon runner and run club coach that has discovered his efforts with coaching inmates has had the power to transform the lives of those prisoners even from behind bars.

The simple act of helping inmates set goals and work hard to achieve them has developed focus, discipline, dedication, and consistency in the lives of these inmates. Frank doesn’t view inmates as disposable people and has helped foster real personal growth for the men he coaches. The structure and guidance he provides is something many of the inmates are getting for the first time in their lives. He is seeing first hand the power the sport of running has to truly transform lives and now he’s helping demonstrate to other prisons the power that running can have in an individual’s life. Luis and Franklin discuss this transformation and Franklin’s running career.

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Road Dog Podcast Adventure with Luis Escobar